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Herbsmith July Third - Canine Calming Chews - Calming Herbs for Dogs - Anxiety Supplements for Dogs

NATURAL, FAST-ACTING ANXIETY RELIEF - July Third is not only all-natural but quick-acting, calming dog anxiety and promoting a natural feeling of relaxation for a brief period of time. If you know your dog is uneasy with new routines, keep July Third on hand for the next time your dog needs her snazzy hairdo done at the groomer. While this is a great solve for occasional anxiety, it is not a long-term solution. If your dog has unending anxiety, your pup would do better combining July Third with Calm Shen for long-term relief.

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Product Description
Size: 30ct Small Chews (For Dogs Under 30lbs) Kevin goes everywhere with his people and he couldn?t be happier. They go for long walks, they take car rides and they meet friends at the dog park. He loves them so much that when they leave he can?t help but worry that they?re not coming back for him. He?s real uneasy in the mornings and he whines and barks and plops himself between you and the door to make sure he gets his point across- DON?T LEAVE. Like Kevin, a majority of dogs will experience nervousness at some point in their lives (hey, we humans can relate). There are too many new experiences, environmental stressors and friendly strangers for even the most outgoing pooches not to have short bursts of anxiety at times. But you can help them combat occasional stints of anxiety with July Third. Our quick-acting calm chews for dogs help ease bouts of nervousness brought about by changes in daily routine. If you?re headed someplace new, noisy or that your pooch dreads, these pet anxiety treats can help balance his anxiety naturally! Just give your pooch these treats 1-2 hours before the stressor is set to happen and can last up to 12 hours depending on the level of anxiety and stimulus. This advanced formula only has 6 total ingredients (natural ones you can actually recognize), each working to promote a sense of calm so your pet can feel more like themselves in any situation. Valerian, Chamomile and Passion Flower promote a sense of relaxation while Thiamine, L-Tryptophan and Magnesium help regulate mood and support emotional balance, so you can help your pup before his stress even begins.
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