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SandSaver Jumbo Cat Litter Scoop, Ultralight, Special Dual Structure Design, Non-Stick cat Scooper, Sifter with Deep Shovel, Very Durable, Easy and Quick to Clean Up


COMPLETELY NEW LITTER SCOOP - There has never been a litter scoop like this! Sand Savers dual structure design makes it quick and easy to clean your cats litter box and remove odors, taking the hassle out of this everyday chore.

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Product Description
Color: Mint Many cat butlers have grown tired of thin and curved plastic scoops that break easily, and have made the switch to metal scoops.There are so many drawbacks to metal scoops already on the market, but there were no other alternatives. Until the SandSaver Litter Scoop appeared. Why is the SandSaver Litter Scoop better than conventional metal litter scoops 1. It is smooth and round on all sides, making it safe to use without scratching the bottom of the litter box. Scratches on the bottom of the litter box are very bad for hygiene as they can allow fecal matter to infiltrate the area. 2. The material used in our scoop undergoes a fine embossing process that is invisible to the human eye to create the scoops unique surface. This prevents damp sand from sticking to the scoop. (The logic behind this is that tape does not stick to the rough surface.) 3. The metal used to create other scoops is very hard, but when these scoops are hit with a big shock or constant pressure, they start to crack and eventually break. The material in our SandSaver Litter Scoop is three times the thickness of material used in conventional litter scoops. Our scoop is hard yet very flexible, meaning it will not break break under impact or pressure. Our scoop was tested by lifting a 13.2 lb (6 kg) dumbbell. The results showed no cracking or breakage, proving that our scoop is incredibly powerful. 4. Metal scoops are usually very heavy, weighing anywhere from 7-10 oz. The Sand Saver Litter Scoop is a very lightweight 3.3 oz which helps reduce the strain on your wrist. 5. SandSaver's unique dual construction ensures thatlarge and small clumps can be quickly filtered out, making it easier to clean.This helps keep your litter in good condition, allowing you to use it longer. 6. The products high durability means it won't break,even if a man weighing 165 lb steps on it!
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