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Herbsmith Scooter?s Butt Bars - Anal Gland and Bowel Support with Pumpkin Fiber for Dogs- Digestive Aid for Dogs - Dog Fiber Bars

Age Range Description: All Life Stages

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Product Description
Size: Large Bar (For Dogs Over 30lbs) Frank trots up to Princess, and to your embarrassment, greets her by sniffing her bum. Frank?s just saying hello and Princess returns the favor. You?re seriously considering sitting Frank down for a talk, but then Spike walks up and they too greet each other butt first. Why do they do that? Each dog (and cat, actually) has a distinct smell emitted from their anal gland fluids. This anal gland fluid is housed in anal sacs, little pouches of fluid on either side of the anus, that are expressed when firm waste passes through. When everything is going well, you?ve got a happy, butt-sniffing animal (yay!) but when the bowels aren?t working the way they should, you?ve got symptoms like a scooting dog, loose stool or even constipation. You know a ?dog scoot? when you see one. It?s your pup?s attempt to scratch and relieve those pesky anal sac issues. This is where Scooter?s Butt Bars can help. Feeding natural sources of fiber, like those found in our butt bars, can help dogs make regular, firm stool. With regular, firm stool your dog?s anal sacs are expressed regularly, so he doesn?t experience painful, itchy symptoms and you won?t find him scooting on your new rug. Bowel issues can be caused by not only lack of fiber but from food intolerances or parasites (it?s a toxic world out there). Give your pup the support he needs to stay regular and maintain anal gland, digestive, and bowel health!
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