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Fitapet Urinary Dog Cranberry Soft Chews Promotes Bladder Control + Kidney and UTI Health Tasty Chicken Flavor 60 Count


DOGS LOVE THEM - Great Tasty Soft Chew Bites, Cranberry Supplement for Dogs maintains Kidney Support

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Product Description
Why is Fitapet the Best Dog Bladder Support for your Dog A blend of natural ingredients to decrease the occurrence of incontinence and to support the urinary and bladder systems. Soothe and protect Our formula contains Marshmallow Root to relieve inflammation. It works to soothe and coat the bladder and intestinal walls. Cranberry Extract and Blue Barberry Root also have Anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, to work against any bacteria present. Bladder Balance Cranberry acidifies the urine, to help kill bacteria and Cranberry chews are a good dog supplement as a part of a strategy to prevent recurrence. Cranberries also contain dietary fiber and are rich in vitamin C, which helps to keep bacteria like E. coli, the most common cause of UTIs, from adhering to the urinary tract. Natural cranberry extract works in harmony with marshmallow and vitamin C for dogs prone to struvite crystals and bladder infections, to help balance the urinary tract pH Support Canine Urinary Tract Health Loss of bladder strength is very common and can cause accidents at home. We include Pumpkin Seed to improve prostrate and bladder control for your pet by strengthening bladder muscles to ensure complete emptying of the bladder. Oils found in pumpkin seeds are also believed to give urinary tract support. Leaky Bladder Fitapet Bladder Balance is recommended to help maintain and support normal bladder health for dogs. Bladder Support is helpful for urinary incontinence, urinary tract support and dog bladder control. Loss of Oestrogen levels can lead to spay incontinence, a result of diminished bladder muscle tone. It may take 60-90 days to see best results.
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