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Piddle Pole Puppy Pads | Pee Post for Male Dogs | Provides a Target to Urinate On | Pee Pads | Indoor Dog Potty Training Pads | Complete Starter Kit and Pad Refills


A PAD FOR BOYS & GIRLS: These pads are to be used with the 18 x 6 Piddle Pole (upright pad refills sold separately). The uniquely designed pads provide an appropriate target for boy dogs to satisfy their natural tendencies to mark or urinate on upright surfaces. This makes it easier to not only train them to use the Piddle Pole, but also to keep using it! This base pad refill contains a 30 count of pads.

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Product Description
Pattern Name: Base Pad SUPER ABSORBENT!!!!! These 23 1/2 inch x 23 1/2 inch base pad refills have been specially designed to fit perfectly with the Piddle Pole. There is a hole in the center of the pad that allows you to place over the pole fitting perfectly to skirt around the pole. The pad contains a polymer gel, which quickly turns liquid into gel, allowing for maximum absorption and quick dryness. This works to protect your floors against drips, leaks, and tracking, as well as fight against odors. The two cup capacity also ensures that urine is quickly trapped, without having to worry about any leakage. This base pad refill contains a 30 count of pads.
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